ACME is a B2B provider in custom fabrication, prototypes and manufacturing for Marketing, Retail, General Contractors, Architects, Designers, Engineers, Producers and Project Managers across the country in a wide range of works. WE CAN BUILD ANYTHING!

ACME value engineers, design and builds from protypes to manufacturing. We are visionaries and setting the standards for more efficient manufacturing and developing processes to keep costs down and AMERICA Moving!

The A Team
The crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes…the ones who see things differently – Throw them all in one building with a bunch of really cool machines and what do you get? The A-TEAM!

Francesco DiGradoSuper Genius aka CEO

The Brains of the Operation. Creative crack pot Capn’ ACME, F-Bomb. Also goes by Frank.
Once a builder, fashion designer, pizza maker, producer and now an extreme maker of all things. Re-inventing the wheel is a part time job.

Quote: I’m not smarter, just quicker! 

Bobby NelsonPlyer of Ply aka production director

Manager of mirth. B-Nizzo. Poobah of grain.
Quote: Quick, grab the c.a. glue.

Gil GorenG-Tone aka sales manager

G-Lish, G-Stone, 2G

Quote: You’re a perfectionist…I’m a showman!

Joel BunnJunior Genius aka pricing coordinator

Go-getter extraordinaire. Mover of mountains. Bunns. Ashton. Plays the base. Mello like yello and always under control. Never frazzled, just dazzled. Cool hand luke!

Quote: wassssssuppppp!

F. Jason GarriottThe 'It' Man aka design director

Master of the conceptual – King of the crayon
I play with pens all day long! Designing the unthinkable because Frank’s Crazy!!

Quote: Fo-shizzo.

Steve SchattSchattGun aka Office Manager

I don’t need no stinking ship! I’m Army. Gomer. The Little General

Quote: If you loot, I will shoot!!

Christa WilliamsCountess of Currency aka finance

Where are my doubloons? C-Bone. Queen of She-bah. Ruler of her court!  Make my day!

Quote: Don’t try me!

Tim MirandaBuyer of Higher aka purchasing manager

Quartermaster of disaster. Merchant of mirth.

Quote: I dare you!!

Eloy AntunezThe Cloud aka technical designer

Solid. The Geek.

Quote: Are you picking up what I’m throwing down?.

Daniela SmidaSmeed aka office operations

D. Chuckles. Dannu.
Quote: Of course it’ll work!

DeLon Farrarvelvet thunder aka technical designer

Big D. Doctor Dimension.

Quote: Make sense?

Sam ParkPastor of Print aka print manager

Uncle Sam. S’lamuel. Parked.

Quote: I need paperwork!

Frank GamboaGambo aka technical designer

The Silent Storm. Smooth. Fuh’gee.

Quote: Keep it on the low, Frank.